Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My big debut!

So I'm a few years late to the blog party, but like they say: better late than never. To get things started, here are 102 random facts about me:
1. I'm 30-something.
2. I'll be married 7 years in September.
3. I dated my husband for 11 years before we got married.
4. My friends all told me I was crazy for waiting that long, but I knew it was right.
5. Leading up to our engagement, I caught about a dozen bouquets at various weddings.
6. That whole "next one to get married thing?" Big. Fat. Lie.
7. I was born in western Massachusetts.
8. I have lived in NJ for 11 years.
9. I will never be a Jersey girl.
10. I have two girls ages 2.5 and 10 months.
11. For the purposes of this blog I will call them Peanut (age 2.5) and Loaf (10 months).
12. I love cats.
13. I have two currently.
14. One is 22 years old and still pretty spry.
15. That's 84 in people years.
16. If I live to be 84, I hope I can still find the toilet on my own since this cat's poop-to-litter-box ratio is about 1 in 4. :-/
17. We have a dog too.
18. He is the world's dumbest dog.
19. His favorite activities are farting, stealing food off the kitchen table, vomiting at 2 a.m. and scratching at the door 20 seconds after he's been let outside.
20. I don't think I am a dog person.
21. I actually like exercise.
22. I just wish I had more time to do it.
23. I love the beach, but I don't let myself get tan anymore.
24. The dermatologist who told me my oily skin would never wrinkle? Big. Fat. Liar.
25. I am only 5'3".
26. I wish I were taller.
27. I also wish I had longer legs.
28. But I really like my eyes and lips.
29. I have an amazing relationship with my mom, but a very fractured one with my dad.
30. My dad is whipsmart and funny, but emotionally unavailable.
31. He served in Vietnam.
32. While there he was shot in the spine and paralyzed.
33. I would love to see my dad walk someday.
34. I have a half-brother from my mom's second marriage.
35. He's trying for a spot on the 2008 Olympic team for judo. (Good luck Natey!)
36. My husband is one of the most amazing people I've ever known.
37. He is an incredible partner and father.
38. I love him more all the time.
39. One of my pet peeves is people who complain all the time about their life circumstances but never do anything to change them.
40. Another is tailgaters.
41. Learning to tailgate must be part of the driving exam here in NJ, because everyone does it.
42. I could eat a pint of ice cream every day if it wasn't so fattening.
43. I applied to be on Survivor 4.
44. My new favorite show is Lost.
45. I have never broken a bone.
46. I've had two surgeries: removal of wisdom teeth and c-section for my first daughter.
47. I had 5 wisdom teeth, all impacted.
48. When I was 7 I was hit by a car.
49. OK, technically, I didn't look and ran into the side of the car as it passed by my bus stop, but it sounds more exciting the other way.
50. I have one tattoo, which I got when I was 33.
51. I would like to get another someday.
52. Lately, I've been fantasizing about getting my nose pierced, but I know I'll never do it.
53. I've visited 34 states.
54. I'd like to get to all 50.
55. The most exotic place I've ever visited is Tunisia in North Africa.
56. I love to take pictures.
57. When I was young, I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic.
58. Now I take pictures (thousands so far) of my kids.
59. My kids are the only people for whom I will sing.
60. I am possibly the world's worst singer.
61. I am terrified of heights.
62. Someday I want to go skydiving.
63. I am a political independent, but tend to vote Democrat (though right now I'm disgusted with the leaders of both major parties).
64. I have never smoked a cigarette or tried drugs.
65. I don't even drink coffee.
66. Though I love a good cup of tea.
67. And a nice glass of red wine.
68. Yellow Tail Shiraz is my favorite wine.
69. We eat almost exclusively all natural and/or organic food in our house.
70. I love to garden.
71. My favorite flowers in my garden are phlox, echinachea and rudbekia.
72. The National Wildlife Federation
has certified our backyard habitat as a nature habitat.
73. That means very little, but the sign is cool. :-)
74. I am terrified of spiders and centipedes.
75. But I regularly rescue small animals, including mice, from our cat.
76. I think a mouse I rescued last fall took up residence under our fridge.
77. It took all winter to get the damn thing out.
78. I love trashy celebrity magazines.
79. I also love the New York Times
and Wall Street Journal.
80. I've kept a handwritten journal for over a decade.
81. This blog will not replace that.
82. I am addicted to Blistex.
83. I rarely wear perfume, but when I do I love Philosophy's Baby Grace.
84. Before I had kids, I had something in the neighborhood of 50 houseplants.
85. I'm down to about 20 now.
86. I hate scary movies.
87. I can't even watch the previews for some of them without being majorly freaked out.
88. I skip over scary promos with Tivo. (Best. Invention. Ever.)
89. I sleep like a corpse: flat on my back with my hands on my chest.
90. I have slept like that for as long as I can remember.
91. I have brown hair.
92. My hair has been all shades of red and black (once by mistake), but never blonde.
93. I love shoes.
94. And lipsticks.
95. I probably own 25 different lipsticks.
96. However I wear the same two nearly every day.
97. Someday I would like to own a beach house.
98. My husband hates the beach.
99. I want one anyway.
100. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
101. I love getting together with my entire family.
102. When I own my beach house, I will invite my entire family there for Christmas (sorry, Markus).


Anonymous Nanax2 said...

First time I've read this. Verryy accurate. My dreeam has been to wake up on the beach (so to speak)on Christmas. And New Years. Maybe even Halloween.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Sporkman said...

Re #40 - many people don't realize this, but the left lane is for passing only, not cruising at your own leisurely pace. ;)

Re #88 - Agreed, TiVo has completely transformed our home entertainment experience.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Hmmm. It's a pretty big leap to say that #40 bugs me because I'm cruising in the left lane. Actually, cruising in the left lane is another one of my pet peeves and I make a real effort not to do it. Here in NJ, you will be tailgated in any lane, and at any speed. It's annoying and it's unsafe.

Further, most of my driving these days takes place on local, two-lane roads and I don't particularly like having someone riding my ass in that situation either even at 30 mph. I don't particularly relish the idea of some asshole putting his or her Suburban into the backseat of the car where my kids are sitting because he/she was yapping on a cellphone and driving 6 inches off my bumper. But thanks for stopping by.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Sporkman said...

Point taken, sorry for jumping to conclusions.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

OK, OK. I probably came off really harsh there, but I was nearly rear-ended on my way home from the gym on Friday so that incident was fresh in my mind. Plus, I was tired and cranky (11 pm is way past my usual bedtime). So sorry for being so cranky.

I'm glad you like your Tivo too. :-)

8:48 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

I loved every thing about you. In fact the nicest thing of all for me was that none of it was a surprise. I like the fact that I know you. You are great to know miss kimberly.

11:00 AM  
Blogger alice said...

#97-#99 all apply to me as well (I've been landlocked for almost my entire life, but I still subscribe to Coastal Living magazine)! When I say things to my husband about retiring to the shore, he just sighs a lot.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very entertaining list.
one of those things i wish i had thought of first but am not talented enough to duplicate.
so it would only suck.
and look like a failed attempt at plagiarism.
it takes a great talent to be able to convey your personality so easily with your words.
well done.

8:56 AM  

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