Sunday, March 12, 2006

What goes around . . .

For the last 10 months, aka "her entire life," Loaf has had to endure a string of injustices at the hands of Peanut including being pushed, pulled, dragged, kicked at, slapped and having toys yanked away with no warning.

When poor Loaf was only about a week old, I had her in a bouncy seat on the kitchen floor while I made my lunch. Peanut was playing nearby and all seemed to be quite calm in the worlds of my offspring. All of a sudden I heard an awful "ECK, ECK" sound from the baby and looked up to see Peanut shoving a baby spoon waaay down poor Loafie's throat. "Peanut feed baby," she explained to me later.

Well, it seems Loaf is Mad as Hell about all of this and Is Not Going to Take It Anymore. A couple of days ago she was sitting on the floor happily playing with some toy, when Peanut comes out of nowhere, plops down next to her and grabs the toy away. That must have been the straw that broke the Loafie's back, because she leaned over and bit Peanut quite hard on the thigh. No broken skin, but she left a big, wet ring on Peanut's pants.

The look on Peanut's face was priceless - in the realm of: "What did I do to deserve this?" Oh baby. You really don't want to ask that question.


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