Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The school year has begun! Peanut started last Tuesday and Loaf went this past Monday. I'm finally sitting down and catching my breath, so here are a few pictures.

First, Peanut went of to kindergarten (!). She was extremely excited and got on the bus without any hesitation. Here are a few pictures from her big day:

At the bus stop

Waiting for the bus

Getting on the bus

Getting on the bus - all smiles!


Then Loaf started preschool in the "Fours" class, meaning she'll go five mornings a week! Where is the time going?!?

Outside before heading off to school

First day of preschool '09

In her classroom on the first day

First day of preschool

It's crazy to me that the summer is over and the year nearly is too. Didn't we just celebrate Christmas? And Easter? Wasn't that, like, last week?

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Blogger Kim said...

It is going by sooo fast.. sooo fast.. such cute photos..

10:55 PM  
Anonymous mayberry said...

Oh, so sweet! Happy back-to-school!

11:34 PM  

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