Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Who comes up with this stuff?

Today in the mail I received an invitation to try a new magazine. The outside of the envelope states, “The new magazine for the woman within the mother,” which sounds pretty good, right? Then you get to the inside letter which reads, “What do smart, sexy, stylish moms do? You’ll find out when you accept our invitation to try Cookie, the new magazine for moms.”

Cookie? Cookie!?!? Are they serious? What idiot came up with that name? I can appreciate the need for a magazine that melds hip fashion and beauty tips with parenting advice. I would love something like that. But I have hard time believing such a magazine holds the name Cookie. In fact, I envision Cookie is the type of magazine that has lots of pictures of moms baking pies and vacuuming in pearls.

And you have to check out the logo on this thing. Does that say smart, sexy WOMAN to you? What the hell are these people thinking? I would be embarrassed to have that laying on my coffee table. I’m afraid this smart, sexy, stylish mom is going to have to pass.


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