Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh the shame

Lately, Peanut has taken to throwing random objects at Loaf. Some of these objects are more potent (a big plastic block) than others (a Beanie Baby), and luckily her aim is pretty bad. Even still, we've had to impose a "no throwing" rule.

So this morning, Peanut takes my eyeglasses case and tosses it in Loaf's general direction.

ME: Peanut, don't throw things at your sister.
Peanut: I wasn't throwing it at her.
ME: No throwing anything, at all please.

At which point she picks up a small rubber ball . . . you know? The one we were playing catch with prior to the incident, tosses it into the hallway and looks back at me with a wry smile. Oh how I hate being outwitted by a not-quite three-year-old. :-/


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