Monday, October 02, 2006

When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong

So last Friday, I posted about the family retreat in a cabin that supposedly had no heat and no electricity. While it’s true that the “camp” did get its electrical power from a generator, somewhere between “no hairdryers,” and “we’ll lose our toilets,” was lost the fact that we were staying at an Adirondack-style, post-and-beam palace on a lake fringed with autumn color. And that the cabin we were staying in had a bathroom as big as my dining room. And that the woman who owned the camp was married to a very, very, very wealthy man who is a ground-floor founder of one of the world’s largest tech companies.

So . . yeah. Getting the picture? If not, this might help. This is the view out of the picture window in the cabin that my sister-in-law and I slept in.


The main house was gorgeous. My photos don't do it justice, so I'm sure my description won't either. It had a huge butcher block kitchen, an inside stone wall with arched doorways framing one of about a zillion stone fireplaces, lots of cozy "reading nooks," and windows all around that brought the outdoors in. The grounds (26 acres) were full of hiking trails, other buildings (our cabin was one of three in total), a private beach, outdoor fireplaces, a huge stone patio, as well as tons of large rocks, trees and other features left to keep the landscape intact.

All that rain that was predicted held off until Sunday, so on Saturday we went out on a boat and hiked half the day away. The foliage was incredible, especially against the spectacular blue sky.

And all those women I drove there to meet? Amazing. Funny. Bright. Warm. Welcoming. Easy-going. We ate fantastic gourmet meals, played games and laughed endlessly at story after story.

Really, it was all good.

Though I’ll still take that night of babysitting if my mother-in-law is up for it.


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