Friday, August 25, 2006

Road to nowhere

Most everyone has probably heard about the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska. Well, we’re having the Road to Nowhere built 20 feet outside the back of our house.

Our neighbors own a big plot of land that runs behind their house and ours. They’ve promised us from the day we met them that they have no intentions of developing the land for as long as they live in their house. (I so desperately want to believe them on this).

However, they recently learned that they have to lay down a road to that land now or they may never be able to, thus rendering the plot land-locked and worthless.

They started building the road this week. We have two backhoes (a really big yellow one and a smaller red one), a couple of dump trucks and a big red machine that grinds up whole trees operating from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. right off our back yard. The kids’ sandbox, wading pool and other outdoor toys are mere feet from where this work is taking place, rendering our backyard completely useless (on what has been an amazing, perfect, sunny and humidity-free summer week).

And, making it worse, the girls’ bedrooms are on that side of the house. Today is better, but yesterday the noise was so raucous that Loaf had to nap in the car (a pathetically short nap that left her cranky and whiny for the rest of the afternoon).

In addition to the rumbling motors, they’re taking down and grinding up whole trees. Every time a tree comes down, the whole house shakes. And the grinding of them? We have all the windows on the backside of the house shut and the noise is still deafening.

The good news is this road won’t be used (hopefully) for a very, very long time. Maybe never. It will be gravel and once it’s in, our neighbors plan to let the vegetation grow right back over it. It just has to be on the town’s maps so when the day comes that they want to sell that lot it’s grandfathered in. I understand that. And I really don’t think it’s going to be any type of inconvenience once done. But right about now it might as well be a four-lane superhighway.


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