Sunday, September 17, 2006

Get yer shore recap here

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. For the past week, we’ve been here looking at this:


All I can say is: Ahhhhh! Even though the weather was less-than-great (really, mostly it was less-than-good), with our days consisting of either being pelted by sand due to gusting wind and rough surf (thank you Hurricane Florence) or dealing with clouds and rain, we still had a really fantastic time. I mean, it’s the beach (or ahem, The Shore if you are trying to fit in with the Jersey crowd).

The girls had a fantastic time. Peanut showed us all that she truly has NO FEAR as she rushed repeatedly toward the crashing waves. I dread the day she is actually faster than us. (Reason #493 why I need to keep going to the gym). Here she is running on the dunes right in front of our house.


Loaf enjoyed the beach on the non-windy days and also had a good time playing at the edge of the surf (she wasn’t quite as brave as her big sister, but she wasn’t overly afraid either). She was absolutely determined to catch herself a seagull, but thankfully failed in her mission. Oh, and though we forgot our beach ball, she made a great substitute:

Loafie Toss

We walked on the beach, swam a bit, dug some good-sized holes in the sand, ate plenty of delicious food and relaxed a lot.

In the midst of our vacation, we drove home for a couple of days so Peanut could start preschool (this is what you get when you book a vacation a year in advance). It went off without a single hitch. Despite a lot of pre-drop off nerves and questions, she did great. She walked into her classroom, took one look at the big bin of plastic dinosaurs, and completely forgot who we were. She barely looked up to wave goodbye when it came time for us to leave her there.

It made me feel . . . good, I guess, that she’s so independent, but the idea of her needing me less and less each year cuts deeply into my heart. :-(

Here she is on her first day:


So that’s my update for the moment. I’ll be back into the swing of posting once I get through the 80 pounds of post-vacation laundry that is taking over my basement.


Blogger moe said...

She looks soo cute on her first day!! Glad that you enjoyed "the Shore" as we NJ peeps call it!! You can't always predict the weather when you book so far in advance but who cares? It's vacation!!!

10:30 AM  

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