Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fall fun!

We've had a really good fall full of all the fun things that should come with this season: pumpkin farms, playing in the leaves, Halloween. Here's a little sampling of all that great stuff.

Peanut's preschool class went to a local pumpkin farm where they got to choose their own pumpkin from the field. She was very particular, examining and passing up several before finally settling on this one. Doesn't she look proud?


We've played outside a LOT (playing outside keeps Mommy somewhat sane). Last week it was pretty chilly, but we bundled up and headed out anyway.

Here is Loaf finishing off the last of the summer flowers from the garden:

Showing off her kill:

And Peanut got into the action too. Here she is getting ready to run through a big pile of leaves. Don't you dig how her jeans are tucked into her pink cowboy boots? I am proud to say she put that look together all on her own.


In her arms is the infamous Blanket. Blanket is a she, travels everywhere she does, used to be white but is now quite gray, and apparently is her daughter, but my baby sister. Try and chart that one on a family tree.

Halloween! Here she is: Daddy's little princess.

Loaf got into the swing of things very quickly, though about halfway through the night we noticed she was dropping as much candy as she was collecting.

Trick or treat! She liked to hold down people's doorbells for a really long time just to make sure they knew for sure she was there.

My two sweeties:


Blogger moe said...

They look so cute! Why isn't Mark dressed up too?!!

I agree that being outside keeps mommy sane ;) We have been outside as much as possible before the winter's cabin fever sets in.

2:54 PM  

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