Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ahh, the bliss of childhood innocence

Conversation in the car tonight:

Peanut: Mommy, should we get another baby?
Me: Another baby? You think we should have another baby?
Peanut: YES! Let's get one.
Me: I don't think so, honey. It takes a long time to get a baby and they're a lot of work.
Peanut: But then we'd have two babies. (Note: She's counting Loaf as one baby here).
Me: Exactly. That's a lot of work, especially for Mommy. First I have to carry the baby, then have the baby, then feed the baby. I really don't think we're having another baby.
Peanut: ::considering all this for a moment::
Daddy could do all that and we'll just play with her.
Me: ::struggling desperately to maintain control of the car while laughing hysterically::
HA!! If only.

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Blogger Ang said...


I think she has the right idea, that smart girl!

10:35 AM  
Anonymous jen said...

ha is right.

too funny. glad you stopped by so i could in turn, find you.

11:28 PM  

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