Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, duh Mom!

So my little Peanut is a smart, smart girl (and I say that with the total objective, unbiased assessment that only a Mom has - HA!)

No, but seriously, she is a clever one, especially when it comes to words and verbal skills. She's always been a bit ahead in this area and at three-and-a-half has a more impressive vocabulary than some adults I know.

Her latest trick is memorizing her books. And I don't mean picture books here. I mean stories with multiple characters, full-blown plots and several lines of dialogue on each page. If she connects with a new book, she'll have it memorized after having it read to her only a few times. And I mean memorized: Every. Single. Word.

This skill always impresses me, because even after reading some of these books dozens of times, I'm not sure I could recite them word-for-word.

So last week, I brought home about a dozen new books purchased through the Scholastic program at her school. Some she liked right away, some we haven't had a chance to read yet. There is one book, Five Little Monkeys With Nothing to Do, that we just discovered a few days ago. I read it to her twice and then the next morning as we were leaving for the gym, she grabbed it to take in the truck with her.

And she recited it. Word-for-word, page by page. I sat in the front seat listening and when she reached the final page I exclaimed happily, "Peanut! You have that whole book memorized! You are so smart!"

Her response?

Of course.

Which is funny enough on its own, but the inflection is what killed me. Because it was all about, "Well, DUH, Mom. What do you expect?" It was a simple statement punctuated by an audible eyeroll and dripping with attitude.

I'm so screwed in about 10 years when she's a teenager with real attitude. Lord help me.

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