Tuesday, July 04, 2006

There were good times, there were bad times . . .

Overall, we had an excellent and long holiday weekend that started on Thursday night when we drove up to my mom & step-father’s house in Massachusetts. We stayed and hung out with them Friday and Saturday and then went to a big family barbeque on Sunday. We drove home under the cover of dark Sunday night and recuperated around our house most of Monday until we headed out for an early evening cocktail party with great food and amazing sangria. Today, we had a full day that started with my township’s most excellent Fourth of July parade and field day and ended with another really fun barbeque at the house of some new friends here in town.

Here are some of the highs and lows:

Low: Waking up to 50-degree temps on Friday morning, requiring a trip to the mall to get some sweatshirts and long pants for the kids, because stupid, silly me just assumed it was summer in New England too.
High: Gorgeous, perfect, amazing summer weather on Saturday.

High: On the aforementioned mall trip, getting $156 in kids’ clothing for just over $33. I also got a pair of really great white wedge sandals for $15.
Low: The sandals are like mini torture devices for the feet. I wore them for two hours last night and it felt like my feet were in a vice. They are in my shoe stretcher as I type. Why oh why do shoes never hurt when tried on in the shoe store?

Low: Losing Peanut’s blanket in the mall. You know? The one she hauls around with her everywhere and absolutely, positively cannot sleep without.
High: Finding it in a shopping cart completely by the grace of God (and believe me, I was praying hard walking those aisles).

High: The girls getting so much quality time with my mom.
Low: The time flew by much too quickly for us all.

High: Going to the local playground on Saturday and having a blast on the swings, slide and merry-go-round.
Low: Loaf being stung twice on the arm by a nasty wasp.

High: Swimming in my aunt and uncle’s pool on Sunday and seeing Peanut take to the water like a fish (a fish that can’t swim yet, but still – a fish). She even jumped off the diving board (wearing floaties and right into Mark’s arms below) and then clapped like crazy for herself.
Low: Loaf going head first off the pool’s step and floating under water for a second until I (standing RIGHT THERE, but chatting away with my cousin’s wife) realized what happened. (Thanks Sheila for the panic sounds that made me look down to see her floating 3 inches from my foot). Yes, Loaf had a rough weekend.

Low: A political debate among my family that got a *leeetle* heated.
High: Said debate ended peacefully before things went too far.

High: Eating really great food all weekend.
Low: Feeling sluggish and bloated as a result.

High: Sipping yummy sangria on the back deck of a friend's house last night (foot pain mentioned above excluded).
Low: Having to exit the party with Peanut screaming at the top of her lungs, "I don't want to go home! I want to stay here! Home is no fun!"

High: Watching Peanut dance, clap and bang on her toy drum during our town’s parade.
Low: Having to leave field day so early because Loaf was completely exhausted and melting down.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


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