Friday, November 21, 2008

Haiku Friday: The day the music died

For Christmas in 2004, Mark bought me a 20GB (now quaintly referred to as a “Classic.”) iPod. It was one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever. My iPod and I went everywhere together. I listened to NPR and Lost podcasts on it, danced around my living room with it, sang along with my girls to endless Disney songs on it and, until it was replaced with a Shuffle last year, hauled it around the gym with me.

It took a number of spills off the treadmill, was thrown across the room by Loaf, stepped on (by me) and accidentally left in the backyard for three days. And still, my little iPod Classic that was only “supposed” to last a year or two kept on playing. Until yesterday when it suddenly and peacefully died of natural hard-drive related causes. It’s only symptoms were an ominous whirring, failure to load my menus and then . . the dreaded screen of death.

It was a sad day so I turned to Haiku for comfort. I like to think my iPod had a good life and knew it was loved. Please send my little Classic your good thoughts today.

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

Dear old loved iPod
So many great tunes we shared
Now screen of death - sad

Hard drive whirs and whirs
But no menus come on screen
Don’t leave me iPod

Classic twenty gig
You brought music to my ears
Now good paperweight

Hit reset button
Six hundred fifty-two times
iPod death confirmed

Life without iPod
Silent quiet musicless
Time to get iPhone

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Blogger ryssee said...

My mom says that when one has lost a treasured pet, the greatest honor one can bestow on the memory of the shared relationship, is to get another when your heart heals.

I think the same philosophy can be applied here.

RIP, Classic 20-gig Ipod.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous xup said...

The 3rd generation iPod (little square ones) seems to be one of the best ones around. They're a little difficult to find since they've been discontinued, but they still exist. I got one for my daughter for her birthday in a couple of weeks. Her old 4th gen one died, too

6:25 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

And yet, your next post should be one of celebration at getting the new iphone. I hear it rocks!!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Tabitha Blue said...

Aww, I remember when my first iPod died... it really is sad. Please feel better soon :)

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Kimmylyn said...

My old school iPod (just like yours) bit the dust about two months ago.. I thought I would cry.. we had four beautiful years together.. sigh.

9:18 PM  

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