Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Helllooooo, Lover.

I am a bargain shopper.

I loooove finding a hidden gem – some retail item that has been deep discounted. It is a thrill¬—my reward, my due—for suffering the mall, or worse, the disorganized big box store.

Lately, I have been getting my thrills in thrift stores. They appeal not only to my love of bargain hunting, but also to my desire to live a green lifestyle: reduce, reuse, recycle and all that good stuff.

About a year ago, a coworker discovered a thrift store about 10 minutes from our office. It benefits the Lupus Foundation, and while 85% of the stuff there is of no interest to me, every now and then I find something truly spectacular.

Like a caramel colored Ralph Lauren belted suede coat for $9. Or a black Tahari suit jacket for $12.

But in truth I am Carrie Bradshaw at heart. I loves me some fine shoes. Unlike Carrie, I don’t have the budget to stock up on Jimmy’s or Manolo’s. Once in a while I’ll stroll through Nordstrom or Neimans and fondle the fine Italian leather in the designer shoe section, wishing and hoping, but never buying.

There is a thrift store about 15 minutes from my house that I haven’t – until recently – spent much time in.

But last week, I went there looking for a pair of dress pants and I came home with two pairs of practically brand new Ann Taylor suit pants for a grand total of $7. Yesterday, I had nothing much to do after I dropped Loaf off at school, so I went back.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular – just killing time. I browsed around the clothing, but didn’t really find anything. Then I went downstairs and picked up two paperback books—The Shack and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for 25 cents each.

I was standing in line waiting to check out, when I noticed a wall of designer shoes near the registers. And on top of that wall was a pair of black pumps.

Killer black pumps.

To some, they are just shoes. But to my inner Carrie Bradshaw, they are sex and classic elegance stacked on a three-and-a-half-inch glossy black leather heel. They are feminine and powerful and hot.

I sauntered over and lifted them from that shelf, feeling their weight in my hands – a weight that only the finest made shoes have.

They were by Dolce & Gabbana.

$25! Can you believe it?

And they were my size.

I slipped them on and strolled slowly in front of the registers.

”Those are gorgeous,” said a woman standing by the register. “You have to get them.”

I pulled them off and turned them over, expecting to find a price tag of at least $50.

Instead? $25!


How gorgeous are these?

My inner Carrie is extremely pleased.

My new Dolce & Gabbana pumps - $25 thrift store find!

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Blogger Not Hannah said...

Yowza! Look at that leg, lady!

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't have to sell me on the thrift store thrills. I'm a regular shopper and have found the most amazing deals. People think I spend a fortune on my wardrobe...but I don't (shhh!)

12:57 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Not Hannah - it's about the shoes! The shoes. ;-)

XUP - It's so much fun, isn't it? I won't spoil your secret.

1:00 PM  
Blogger alejna said...

Sweet deal! Those shoes (and legs!) look fantastic.

I haven't done much shopping for myself in thrift stores in ages, though I used to when I was in college. (Well, when I was an undergrad, that is.)

I do, however, love to go shopping for the kids at a second hand place. I love it that I can buy them things there guilt-free, and I find lots of great things. Phoebe dresses better than I do. (I hadn't realized that I had a weakness for buying kids' clothes until I had kids.)

3:46 PM  
Blogger Lady M said...

So fabulous!

I tend to find costume gems, but am not always so good about putting them to use. Like that silver beaded fringe flapper dress for $20 that's still in my closet . . .

1:22 AM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Nice shoes! What a great find! BTW, we donate to the Lupus foundation - they pick up, right at your own house! You are totally wearing my mom's Ann Taylor suits! lol! just kidding :)

5:51 PM  

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