Thursday, August 17, 2006

A baby story, part 2

So we get to the hospital and go through all the admin and check in stuff. The doctor gives me a check and I'm only a few centimeters along, so he orders me up some pitocin (it was already after lunch on Sunday and I'm sure he was hoping to get this wrapped up in time to make his escape before Monday morning.)

Sometime around 3 pm, I started having some big, whopping contractions. My immediate thought: EPIDURAL! I am no hero. And why sit around in pain when you don't have to? But the anesthesiologist was tied up in a c-section and I had to wait nearly an hour for relief. Why oh why did I wait? I knew I was going to get one and now I was lying in bed clutching the rails and crying until finally the anesthesiologist showed up and got that epi cranking. Instant. Relief. AHHHH! Love the epidural.

After that I slept for a bit and poor Mark read, walked the halls and watched bad TV.

Finally, around 7 p.m., it was time to push. I pushed. And pushed. And pushed some more. The nurse checked and Peanut's head was still pretty high. "More pushing," she said. So I did. I pushed for well over two hours, and on the final few pushes Peanut's little heart slowed waaaaay down. And that was bad. So everyone, especially me, who was utterly exhausted by this time, agreed that it was time to stop pushing and start cutting.

My little Peanut was delivered via c-section at 9:44 p.m. on August 17, 2003 -- three years ago today. She weighed 6 lbs, 3 oz, was 19 inches long, had a slight shock of dark hair and a good healthy scream. In my eyes, she was perfect.

Upon delivery we learned that on top of being pretty short, her umbilical cord was wrapped all around her and acting like a tether preventing her from descending. It should have been a sign of things to come because to this day she procrastinates and takes her sweet time every time we have to go someplace, is a little stubborn, and hates change. But she's also incredibly sweet and wonderfully fun. The minute I saw her beautiful face, my heart swelled with love and to this day it still does every time I see her. I love to watch her play. Her singing fills me with more joy than I ever thought imaginable.

Happy 3rd birthday baby girl! You've made my last three years more fun, more joyful, and more full of life and love than the previous 34 combined. There are days when I wish I could freeze you here and keep you close to me forever. But I know there are many more incredible moments ahead and look forward to being there with you every step of the way.


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