Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Tonight at the gym there was a man in my Step and Sculpt class. It is highly unusual--at least in my experience--for men to take these types of classes.

It was even more unusual because this man was definitely old enough to be my grandpa. White haired, balding and a bit frail looking, I was initially concerned that the poor man had mistakenly wandered in from the Seniors' Lounge, where you see a lot of old guys hanging out playing chess and cards. But nope. He got his step and his body bar and his two sets of hand weights and stood there stretching out and waiting with the rest of us for class to start.

It's a highly choreographed and fairly "girly" class. Lots of mambos, grapevines, step turns, pivots, over-the-tops, etc. The instructor even threw in a new move where you do an L-step curtsey (her exact words).

I've gotta give the guy props. He was clearly no stranger to the Step and Sculpt. He handled all the choreography not just adequately, but dare I say it? Gracefully. I usually seek inspiration from the lean and mean women in my class who show up in spandex shorts and a sports bra and have no trace of a muffiin top. But this guy? I think he tops them all on the inspiration scale.


Blogger Veeg said...

He sounds awesome! Go SculptMan!

11:34 AM  

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