Friday, February 16, 2007

My (recent) life in pictures

I've been sick all week. Loaf's been sick all week. We haven't left the house or done much and I really didn't think anyone wanted to hear me whine about life with snot, so I haven't written lately.

I am happy to say we survived the great Nor'easter of '07. My town got a whomping 3.5 inches of snow and while I know other areas really got pounded, the panic and consternation that this storm prompted here in NJ was cause of great amusement on my part. I made the HUGE mistake of running to Whole Foods for a bowl of soup on Tuesday only to find swarms of people tossing gallons of milk and loaves of bread into their carts as if they anticipated being trapped in their homes for weeks on end. Ridiculous.

Here are a few recent pictures of life in the Gav household, including the kids attempting to sled in a mostly flat yard with only a wee bit of snow.

Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? Loaf was like the boy's brother who was bundled up to the point where his limbs were utterly useless. She waddled around the yard like a gingerbread man.


Mark getting ready to push them down our "hill."


Excuse my husband's ass. The "through the legs push" seemed to give them the most distance.


There she goes!


Here she is after her run. She was having fun, but this was toward the end of our outing and I think she was starting to get cold.


And now it's Peanut's turn. She loved it!


Last Thursday was picture day at Peanut's school. Our digital camera is sucking-ass lately, so I'm sorry this is so grainy. Despite the poor quality, she still looks pretty cute.


And last night the girls had a kitchen camp-out while I made dinner. They pulled the sleeping back into the kitchen and sprawled out on the floor with some books. Oh to be a kid again!



Looking back at these I realize that even "life with snot" can be pretty cool with these two around. :-)

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