Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving thanks

Grateful for my husband, your immense love, loyalty and support, for making me feel beautiful through your actions and words, for being an amazing, tender and supportive father and for sharing your life with me.

Grateful for my children for being two of the most pure, wonderful, sweet souls I have ever encountered, for all your squeezy hugs and smooshy kisses, for filling my heart with more love than I thought possible and my days with more joy than I deserve.

Grateful for my mom for being so strong and beautiful and wonderful and for not holding my teenage years against me.

Grateful for the rest of my family (including my inlaws), all of whom bring something special and cherished to my life.

Grateful for my home. Perfect though it is not, it keeps us warm and safe and comfortably holds 27 people on Thanksgiving.

Grateful for my friends, who I wish I had more time for right now, but who I know I will have more to give back to in the future.

Grateful for my cat, who is soft and warm and gentle and curls up with me, purring all night and giving me immense affection and joy.

Grateful for my health and the health of my family.

Grateful for those who have sacrificed—all throughout the ages—to make our country and our world free and safe.

Grateful for the food that we eat everyday, from the simplest snack to the most extravagant meal.

Grateful for life and all the wonderful surprises that it brings every single day.

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Anonymous Rocas said...


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Anonymous jientje said...

The pictures are great! How your children have grown!!! Happy thanksgiving!

3:29 PM  

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