Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

I just had an AWESOME week off. I needed this week. My one and only goal was to spend as much quality time with the girls as possible. All I can say is mission accomplished!

We started the week with Peanut's SEVENTH birthday. Seven. Whoa. I just can't believe it. She is growing up so fast. Even though she has a summer birthday - perfect for an outdoor pool or swimming party - Peanut wanted . . . wait for it . . . an ice skating party. Fortunately, the local ice rink is open all year round and guess what? Ice skating parties are DIRT CHEAP in the summer.

So ice skating it was - she and 15 of her closest friends. They had a great time and despite several of the girls being first-time skaters, they all gave it a try and by the end of the session, a goodly number were moving around the rink on their own. Peanut was in her glory, which made it even better.

Mid-week, we headed (as the locals say) "down the shore." On the way, Loaf had to pee (revealing this news less than 60 seconds after passing one of the only rest areas on the Garden State Parkway). I feel it's not officially a vacation until someone has to pee on the side of the road, so over we pulled and dropped trough right there on the grass along the express lanes of the GSP. Fist pump!

Once at the beach, we had an absolutely amazing time.

We dug in the sand, we splashed in the waves, we chased seagulls, ate ice cream and strolled the boardwalk. It really doesn't get any better as far as I'm concerned and there is nothing - NOTHING - as sweet as the sound of your own children squealing and laughing as they frolic in the waves. I wish I could have two straight weeks of it. Just fantastic!

Fearless girl

She was completely fearless. She would have dove in and started bobbing beyond the breakers had I let her.

Ice cream!

It's not a beach day without ice cream!

Beach babies

My beach babies

This was definitely my favorite part of the week. I wrapped those girls around me like a giant beach towel and soaked up every giggle. I doted on them - ice cream before dinner? Sure! I ran with them in the waves and laid on a beach blanket with their salty heads against me, not even minding the sand they trekked with them. This was my summer redemption - my chance to make up for all the moments I've missed over the last few weeks when I've been locked away at the office. I loved it.

On Friday, we took an entirely different trip and spent the day in New York, picnicking in Central Park and visiting the Museum of Natural History where, on our third trip, we FINALLY got to see the famous blue whale suspended from the ceiling (the previous two trips, the room was closed). The girls love the park and could spend all day climbing all over the giant rocks in the park.

We spent the weekend close to home, but stayed busy riding bikes and going to the movies to see Despicable Me, which gets six thumbs (Peanut's, Loaf's and mine) up. And we filled in the rest of our time reading stories, playing Uno, swimming at friend's pond, catching butterflies and just being silly and relaxed.

So not the most exciting vacation in the history of the world, but it was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. I'm already experiencing serious PVD (post-vacation depression). ::sigh

Back to reality . . .

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Anonymous Aunt Kathy said...

Sounds like a great vacation to me! I know what you mean about back to reality.

11:25 AM  
Blogger ryssee said...

Love this post. Nothing like a perfect summer vacation!

8:09 PM  

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