Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We'd need an awfully big bush

Back in July, when my much-loved cat died, we planted a Rose of Sharon bush for her. Peanut helped us out and to this day she'll point to it and tell me that it's "Cottons bush" and it's there because she died.

She also is aware of a pretty weeping white cherry tree on the other side of the yard, planted for our other cat, Oscar, who died of diabetes in April 2003.

So today we're sitting in her room looking at a book about dinosaurs. The conversation went something like this:

Peanut: Did the dinosaurs have sharp teeth?
Me: Yes, they did.
Peanut: What sound did the dinosaurs make?
Me: Rrrrrrr!!!
Peanut: Dinosaurs scare me, Mommy.
Me: Well, there's nothing to be afraid of honey. All the dinosaurs are all dead.
Peanut: (thinking for a minute) Should we plant them a bush?



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