Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fair warning

To the anonymous boy who clocked my daughter on the head with a toy truck in the daycare center of the gym today leaving a huge purple welt above her eyebrow:

Touch my kid again and I will send a big, hairy, brown, sharp-toothed, clawed monster to haunt your closet every night until your college graduation. That and I will find you and rat you out and make sure your mother knows she is raising a bully so she can send your ass into time out and get you straightened out now before you wind up in Juvenile Detention.

Consider yourself warned you snot-nosed, chicken-shit, rotten brat.


One Mama Bear You Don't Want to Fuck With

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Blogger Mayberry said...

Whoa, my kids need you in their corner. BOTH managed to get beat up in day care this week (although one of them did fight back).

11:01 PM  

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