Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yeah, yeah. So it's January 3 and I'm just getting these up. Sue me.

1. Continue working out regularly and with more intensity with the goal of dropping 5 to 7 more pounds. Not much else to say about this one. I'd love to drop one more size and maybe (fingers crossed) wear a bikini this summer.

2. Read more regularly. I must have 10 books piled up in my bedroom, plus I really want to reread all the Harry Potter books before book seven is released this year, so I better get cracking. Mark and I decided to implement one Family Reading Night per week and build from there.

3. Spend more time playing with/enjoying my kids. OK, this sounds bad. I do play with my kids and I do enjoy them (mostly), but I also feel constantly like I'm pushing them off to straighten up the kitchen or fold laundry or (gasp!) just play on the computer. So I'm going to try to let some of this other stuff go a bit more and really enjoy my time with them because I just know I'm going to look up one morning and they're going to be leaving for college. ::sniff::

4. Go on regular date nights with my husband. We have a babysitter now, so there's no excuse. I think one monthly night out is the bare minimum.

5. Stay in better contact with friends. This is another one of those "blink and they're gone" type of things. Time has a way of just rushing along and I get caught up in that. So I'm going to do a better job of calling, emailing and making plans with my friends.

6. Find a church and get my kids baptized. Sigh. I could write a book on this. I was sort of raised Catholic (I say sort of because I was never confirmed), but my social views don't match up with those of the Church. (Like the no birth control thing. I have no intention of NOT using birth control. Sorry. Period. Not gonna do it.) And I feel it's hypocritical to attend a church with so many viewpoints that I cannot and will not support. At the same time, I believe in a higher power. I pray. I want my kids to have some type of spiritual foundation. I'm thinking Presbyterian or Episcopalian, but I have to get out there and attend some mass and talk with some priests in order to make a good decision.

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Anonymous Nanax2 said...

I'm a "recovering Catholic" who's thinking of looking into the Universalist Unitarians which seems to be a church willing to search for answers rather than a church expounding them. Gimmee a bit of Christianity, a dash of Buddism, Hinduism, maybe even some mysticism - and definitely something with a Good Earth Mother

8:54 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

I like the way you think on this issue. Maybe we need to form our own religion. :-)

12:48 PM  

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