Sunday, June 24, 2007

Important skills

Today we attended the birthday party of a good friend turning 40. It was a full-on bash with delicious food, a bartender, live music and lots of people.

These friends have a great backyard for entertaining people of all ages. Tucked into the back corner of their yard is a wooden playset with a slide, sandbox and swings.

Upon arriving, we stopped first at the bar, where we ordered two margaritas for ourselves (hey, every now and then you just have to cut loose a little), and two non-alcoholic piña coladas for the girls.

Next, we wandered back to the playset, which was surrounded by mulch and bordered by railroad ties buried halfway in the ground.

Loaf was happily sipping her piña colada and standing near the edge of one of the railroad ties. Suddenly, she stepped back so her feet were half off the edge. Teetering for a second, she lost her fight to stay balanced, fell back, landed hard on her bottom and then rolled onto her back. I raced toward her expecting to find a crying, wet, piña colada covered mess, but nope, Loaf was not crying and even better, she did not spill so much as one drop from her cup.


Other than not being able to read, write or add, she is totally ready for college.

P.S. — Do you think those skills are genetic?



Blogger amy said...

Oh! You made me laugh out loud. Totally ready for college. I love it.

P.S. Glad she wasn't hurt.

5:57 PM  

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