Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Milestone moment

Today in our yard:

Loaf gets in the wading pool in her regular diaper, causing it to bloat to about 78 times its size. I peel the 19-pound, soaked garment off her and then go in the house to fetch her a swim diaper.

Peanut: Why is Loaf naked?
Me: Her diaper filled with water and was really heavy, so I’m going to get her a swim diaper.
Peanut: What happens if she has to poop while you go inside to get it?
Me: I doubt that will happen, honey, I’m only going to be a minute.
Peanut: But she might! And then what? Where will she go?
Me: Well, I guess she would go out here.
Peanut: NOOOOO, Mommy, we can’t have Loaf pooping outside like dog! She’s a person!

I’m not sure of which I am more proud. The fact that:
A. Peanut recognizes one should not poop in the backyard, or,
B. she has finally recognized Loaf is a person with equal rights and privileges.


I am so proud.



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