Friday, November 23, 2007

All those years ago

The leftover turkey and stuffing and cranberry chutney (which, by the way, were all amazing and delicious) are packed away and today we pack ourselves up and drive to Massachusetts so that I can attend my 20th high school class reunion.

I am excited (extremely), but oh my . . . 20 years?!? HOW? And WHERE? And most importantly, WHY?

I keep talking about all the "kids" I'm going to see again (because afterall, since I'm their age that makes me a kid too). I had a good time in high school. It wasn't the best time of my life, but it was a good time - good enough to revisit for a night every decade or so.

I've been thinking back on the memories from that part of my life this week and some of my favorites include:

- The trip I took to Washington D.C. as part of the Honor's Society. Staying up all night, running through the hotel, wrapping my friend Jen up in toilet paper like a mummy, touring the Nation's Capital and photographing really important stuff like Archie Bunker's chair and Judy Garland's ruby slippers. So fun.

- The day my friend Steve tried to teach me to drive his father's ancient, no-power-steering Bronco on a back road in Vermont and I panicked and drove it straight into a ditch.

- Since my best friend Kim and I were pretty much inseparable, everyone called us Double Kim or Kim Squared.

- Slamming my friend Steve's (yes, same Steve as above) fingers in a locker and nearly severing the top of one. (Miraculously, Steve still spoke me years later and even came to my wedding. He's a very forgiving guy).

- Sitting out back behind the school between classes on a beautiful spring day with my friend Mark and daydreaming about the future.

- Parties (lots of them) at the end of dirt roads way up in the woods.

- Parties (even more) at my friend Pete's house where everyone would stay over and eat breakfast together the next day.

- Going to the prom with my friend Jay.

- A certain friend of mine (unnamed to protect the guilty) becoming convinced that a weed growing in my backyard was pot and trying to dry and smoke it. I also went on a number of dates with that friend and her boyfriend (at her request) to "protect" her.

- Eating lunch every day with Kim, Shelly, Jen, Jill, Shannon, Missy and a host of others – laughing at silly, ridiculous things, and worrying about things that turned out to be so inconsequential.

Cheers to all of my good friends from the past – looking forward to catching up with lots of you over the weekend!

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Anonymous Rocas said...

We went to our 30th reunion last year (wife & I graduated together). Most of the friends we had then, we pretty much keep in touch with, but it was nice to see some old familiar faces; especially seeing all the stuck-up jocks and queens; who time had not been so kind to (proving once again that the universe is a balancing act).

8:50 AM  

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