Tuesday, November 02, 2010

One foot in front of the other

I spent half of September in bed. Feeling achy and run down, I went to the doctor in early September thinking I had Lyme disease.

I didn't, which was good.

However, I had Epstein Barr Virus, commonly called "mono," which was bad. EBV can cause permanent liver or spleen damage if ignored. In some cases, it can even bring on hepatitis. The only cure is rest, so my doctor sent me to bed for two straight weeks.

Laying around in bed all day doing little to nothing is a fantasy I've indulged in every now and then, but the reality was not what I'd expected. I still had work to do. Sitting in bed with my laptop balanced on my legs all day long gave me neck and back pains. My bottom went numb and my shoulders had pins and needles on and off all day long.

Plus, it happened to be two of the most beautiful weeks of the fall - sunny and clear, with temps neither too hot or cold. Watching those gorgeous days tick by from inside was a bummer.

It also put a big crimp in my exercise and training. I had signed up - literally days before being diagnosed - for a 10K run on November 14, my first run of that distance. I was SO excited. I had my 10K training plan taped up at work and in my desk drawer at home. I was pumped.

But two weeks of bed rest was followed immediately by a demanding project where I worked long, long hours - sometimes until midnight and often on weekends. Exercise, even if I was ready to go back, was out of the question.

Despite that, a note came home from Peanut's class announcing a "mini-marathon" on November 2. Fourth and 3rd graders would run a mile, while 2nd and 1st graders would run a half mile. "Volunteer," said the note, "to walk or run." Of course, I signed up to run.

Peanut was nervous. "What if I don't finish, Mom?" she asked anxiously.

"You will," I assured her. "Just take it one step at a time."

I ran my first half mile today in six weeks with my seven-year-old daughter by my side grinning from ear to ear. She effortlessly ran the entire half mile. Surprisingly, it was tough for me - six weeks of no exercise has taken its toll and it's going to be a long, slow road back. For motivation, I'll keep that visual of Peanut's huge smile, hair flowing out behind her, small legs pumping back and forth as I go. One step at a time.

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Blogger Lady M said...

Glad you're recovered (recovering?) from the virus! Two weeks is a long time to spend in bed when there's so much to do.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

We did a mile run for Cancer Research around our local park earlier in the year.

Watching our younger kids (5 and 6) do it was amazing - although they probably ran twice as far, because of course they can't run in a straight line :)

7:24 PM  

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