Thursday, November 23, 2006


I’ve been following Priscilla at elvispug who is using NaBloPoMo to talk about something she’s thankful for each day, which I think is a really cool idea.

So on Thanksgiving, I thought I’d do my own mini version. I have a lot for which I am thankful – more than my tired brain will ever remember tonight. But this is a start:

My children—They are two of the most beautiful little girls, and I’m not just talking about outward appearances, that I’ve ever encountered. They’re both incredibly sweet, fun, cuddly, loving and polite. They have brought more love into my life than I ever imagined. I am so incredibly blessed.

My husband—From the silly (dancing in the kitchen) to the sweet (bringing me glass of wine while I was taking post-gym shower), to the romantic (a random note just to say he loves me), he makes me laugh, gives me love and is an amazing father.

The rest of my family, including the in-laws— I am surrounded by amazing, loving people. I really can’t begin to express how I adore them all.

My friends—From the ones I speak to weekly to the ones I speak to a lot less than that, I really have an amazing circle of friends. I’m so glad for that.

My home—Yeah, so it’s not my dream house. Far from it. But in the past few years it has been the warm, comfortable backdrop for numerous gatherings from birthday parties to Thanksgivings, Christmas to Halloween, and lots and lots of carefree weekend days and nights with friends.

Ice cream— There is no food more perfectly satisfying in my opinon. Now if I could only get a calorie-free version, I’d eat nothing but.

High heels—What can I say? I'm five-two (and a half). Heels are my friend.

TiVo—I’m not sure how I got through life without it. Commercials? What are they?

My calves—I don’t love much about my body, but I like my calves. I have decent shoulders too. And teeth. I have excellent teeth.

Aveda hair care products— Especially the Phomillient and the Volumizing Tonic. I haven’t had a bad hair day since I started using them in mid-October.

My cats— I’ve had many over the years and I’ve loved them all. From the purring in my ear to the bundle of warmth curled up next to me on the couch, there is nothing as soothing as a warm kitty.

My iPod—I have nearly 3,000 songs in my purse on a device the size of a deck of cards and I can listen to Barry White one minute and the Dixie Chicks the next. How cool is that?

New York City—My favorite place to kill some time.

Paris, Hawaii, Bermuda, the Southwest, the Berkshires—My other favorite places.

Hot cocoa—Comfort in a cup. You can never feel bad drinking a hot cup of cocoa.

Thanksgiving—The food, the fun, even the crazy prep. I swear I could live on my mother-in-law’s cornbread stuffing recipe. Mmmm. I look forward to it all year. (That said, right about now I’m thankful that it’s over).

Wine—Because Kimberly cannot live on stuffing alone.

Christmas—I love it, I truly do. Yes, it is commercial and hyped and over-marketed and sometimes stressful, but nothing else fills me with childlike wonder like seeing Santa at the mall, or gazing at a beautifully lighted Christmas tree. And seeing it through the eyes of my children makes it all the more wonderful.

So with that I think I’ll sign off. I hope you all had a really fantastic Thanksgiving, ate your fill of your favorite foods and got to spend some time with the people you love. Peace!

(Now bring on the eggnog!)



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