Monday, January 08, 2007

Random things I ponder

Why is it that as soon as my children go to bed and I’m finally free of anyone needing me to change their diaper, wipe their nose, fetch them a snack or read them a story that my cat suddenly becomes the most needy animal on the planet insisting on sitting on my lap, being petted and meowing incessantly if neither is done on exactly her terms?

Why is it when I’m out looking for something specific (black boots, a new white blouse, etc.) I can’t find it, but when I’m just passing through a store with no time to browse I see about 60 things I want to buy?

Why do I never think to call a friend and catch up when I actually have 20 minutes of downtime, but when I’m racing around like a madwoman all I can think about is the long list of people to whom I owe calls?

Why is my skin always its clearest on the weeks when I am not seeing any friends, family or clients but the minute I make plans? Bingo. Huge zit (or zits).

Why, in the early 1990s when I was in college and had a perfectly flat stomach, was it all the rage to wear gigantic sweatshirts down to your knees?

Why is it that this is the first winter that I actually want snow so I can take the girls outside, build a snowman and make snow angels that there has not been so much as one flurry all season and apparently no chance of one coming anytime soon?

Why do people still like American Idol so much when it has only produced one real star to date?

Why is it I can remember my best friend from second grade’s phone number (663-3708) but I’m constantly forgetting passwords for my e-mail, ATM card and office keypad?

And finally, why do I waste my time thinking about so much trivial crap when I’ve got more pressing, serious things to worry about?

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