Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogging slacker, life attacker

I know, I know.

I’ve been a huge blogging slacker lately. But that’s only because life has been crazy. I’m in the middle of a huge project at work that started gearing up the last week of June. Then, we went to Massachusetts and had a really fun family picnic the last weekend in June. Last week, was just a zoo with lots of work deadlines, personal obligations and a planned trip to the Bronx Zoo (and let’s not forget July 4th crammed right in the middle).

The zoo last Friday was really great (though I frantically checked e-mail on my PDA every 45 minutes). Fun? Not. Fortunately, I have a great group of coworkers who handled things so I could have a relatively work-free day with my family.

I do have more to write about, but it has to wait. For now, here are a few pictures from the zoo. And if you live anywhere near the Bronx, you should go. It’s well worth the trip.

The first thing we saw was a family of ordinary ducks. The kids loved them. All day, whether we were looking at giraffes or gorillas or a big, hungry tiger, all they wanted to know was, “can we go feed the ducks again?”

Feeding ducks at the Bronx zoo

They both really liked comparing the size of their hand to that of a western lowland gorilla.

Peanut's hand compared to that of a western lowland gorilla

Loaf comparing her hand to a gorilla's

Gorilla. This photo is not as dramatic as it looks. She’s just yawning. ☺

Western lowland gorillas at the Bronx Zoo

In the Butterfly Garden. They both loved this.
Peanut at the Butterfly Garden in the Bronx Zoo

Loaf in the Butterfly Garden

Butterflies feeding on fruit. Why do I envision Peanut running around our yard from now on with a dish of watermelon?

Butterflies feeding on fruit at the Bronx Zoo's Butterfly Garden

This peacock was very curious and tame and came right up to the fence. Looking for food no doubt, but the girls loved it.

One peacock peeking

Three critters communing

A very hungry tiger waiting for his 3:30 feeding. He was pacing inches from the glass and then finally sat down to wait a few feet away. Truly awesome.

Tiger waiting to be fed at the Bronx Zoo

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Blogger Maureen said...

The gorilla pic is a riot!! Looks like a fun day was had by all. I am sure you had much more fun there than at work :)

I haven't been to the Bronx Zoo in about 8 years. F & I used to go on the weekend when we were bored. When the boy is a little older we definitely plan to take him!

11:54 AM  

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