Friday, October 12, 2007

Ghost of winter past

(but hopefully not future).

It's Photo Friday again over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and this week's theme is Storms.

Last night we had some humdinger thunder storms, but I was too tired to get my ass out of bed (that and the fact that I had a teeth-grinding toddler sharing it with me last night--more on that later), so these will have to do.

I took these during the President's Day blizzard in February 2003. We got more than two feet of snow that day. The drifts buried the barn doors halfway up and and the stone wall in front of our house completely disappeared. I was pregnant, so I got out of shoveling for the most part. Heh. Yes, there are a few advantages to being pregnant and I wallowed in every last one. :-)

And yes, I know it sucks to think that this type of weather is probably right around the corner, unless we have another winter like last year where we got all of12 inches of snow all season. God bless global warming! (Kidding!)

We have a stone wall in front of our house, but it disappeared that day

Drifts covered the barn doors halfway up

President's Day Blizzard 2003



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! I would love to have snow that deep here. (yes, I know.. I'm crazy... lol)

Thannks for stopping by my Photo Friday Storm post.


12:43 PM  
Anonymous Bethany said...

I was 36 weeks pregnant for that storm. We didn't get plowed out until Thursday night. I was so afraid I would go into labor and have the kid at home!

10:14 PM  

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