Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election day!

I voted today. I hope all of you do too. Even though once again I was not thrilled with either choice in the NJ Senate race, I made my decision and went to the polls.

In my opinion, not voting is one of the most grievous and unpatriotic things you as an American can do. People all over this planet die every day trying to sustain or attain that right. It’s shameful to take it for granted even if you (like me) find yourself feeling more and more cynical about politicians today.

If you’re still not sure who to vote for in your area, Fact Check is a great resource. It analyzes political ads from both sides and identifies areas where the truth was stretched or all-out fabricated. If nothing else, you might be able to make sense of the ads and know for sure whether your senator invited a known cocaine trafficker to his swearing in (TRUE) or whether he's under federal criminal investigation (FALSE).

I, for one, will be glad when this particular election is over. I’m sick to death of the pundits, talk radio people and other so-called “experts” trying to guess, analyze and hypothesize who is going to win this election. After today, I expect a few more days of post-game analysis, gloating by the winners and blame-gaming by the losers, and then let's move on. Please. This country needs strong, honest, focused leadership right now. I'm not sure the person I voted for will contribute to that. But I did my best. All I can hope is that he will do the same.


Blogger Oh boy, Oh boy...oh BOY! said...

Yup, feel the same way about the elections. I did vote, and what a sight we were, Ryan looking under curtains, Alex crawling through peoples legs....But vote I did. I feel the same way as you, that I am not thrilled about any of my choices, but people are out there fighting for what we have and we take so many of our freedoms for granted this is one I try not to.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Go you! Mark took the girls in the a.m. The wee one was in a stroller I think. The place was still in one piece when I went in the afternoon, so that's what I assume anyway. :-P

8:51 PM  

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